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For you to have a garden or property that is aesthetically pleasing, you have to take special care of your trees. Taking care of your trees doesn’t just involve cutting or trimming; it also entails using a reputable tree service. Due to the many options available, it can be a little bit challenging to get the best tree service company for your need.

At Lyons Trees, we offer tree services with a commitment to quality and safety with the right process. Here are some of the best ways to find the best tree service Auburn CA for your need.

Consider experiences

Whenever you are looking for the best tree service company, it is important to go with experience. You can know this by checking the potential company’s previous projects and how long the company has been operating. These companies usually offer the best performance and complete your project in a short time. However, that doesn’t mean new tree companies are bad choices, but you need to make sure the work meets a certain standard.

Make sure the company is legitimate

Does the tree service company have a business license, or are they insured? It is easy for anyone to purchase a chainsaw and start tree cutting and trimming service. Though this is a nice way to make some money on the side, tree work is very dangerous and needs a skilled, trained professional with the right equipment.

So, make sure the company you are considering have insurance and ask to see a copy of it. Besides, a company cannot get business insurance without having a license in the first place, so ask for a copy of the company’s license also. 

Seek out ratings and reviews

When looking for the best tree service company at your local community or on the internet, you need to focus on the company’s ratings and reviews. Also, any reliable and professional company will be able and willing to provide references that can testify about the services been offered by the company.  

The reviews and ratings of the tree service company will give you an idea of the fundamental requirements needed to provide you with the best quality services. Plus, you will be able to know if the company is dedicated to safety and pleasing their customers.

Look for safety gear

Any tree service company should have personnel that uses at least face shields, helmets, and protective glasses. Moreover, the company’s climbers should have the latest climbing gear like glasses, helmets, arborist climbing ropes, and steel toe boots. Also, if a company shows up with a ladder to cut or trim your tall trees, kindly ask them to leave. A reputable tree service company never uses ladders; they have rigging and safety gear specially designed for tree work.

With Lyons Trees, you are choosing a time-tested tree service company dedicated to serving Auburn and surrounding counties for several years. So, if you are looking for the best tree service Auburn CA, don’t hesitate to contact Lyons Trees today.


Tree Service Auburn Ca

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