Tree Removal Rocklin Ca

If you are looking for professional tree removal in Rocklin, CA look no further than Lyon's Tree Service. Mike Lyon is a certified Arborist and can make sure your tree removal is properly accomplished.

Why would you have a tree removed?

If you are thinking of having a tree removed, there are sometimes alternatives. For tree removal in Rocklin, CA consult an Arborist, which is a tree surgeon or doctor. Sometimes they can suggest options so your tree can stay.

  • If your tree is diseased, dead or dying and poses no threat to other bushes, trees, gardens or walkways you might be able to prune off the worst areas and save it as a habitat for wildlife.
  • Is your tree blocking your view? Try pruning it back and achieving your goal without removing the tree.
  • Are tree’s roots lifting a foundation, drive or maybe a walkway? If you love your tree, you might try root pruning and putting up a barrier, so it doesn’t happen again.
  • Do you need to make room for a new shed, garage, or even adding a new room to your existing structure? If the tree is essential to you, hire an arborist, and modify your construction plans as necessary.
  • Roots in sewer lines are a severe problem, and if you keep your pipes from leaking, roots won't grow into them.
  • If you have an unattractive, ugly tree due to its health, you might be able to restore its natural beauty by making sure it is fertilized and cared for properly.
  • When your landscape is overgrown and crowded, you might want to remove a tree or two. If tree removal is necessary, consider replanting a species that will fit the space and not grow too large.
  • Trees drop leaves, sap, pollen, and fruit depending on the species. You can place an organic mulch ring around the tree and allow the leaves and fruits to decompose and fertilize the soil.
  • Sometimes a tree will shade too much of your lawn causing an unattractive space. Your arborist can suggest how to best prune it to let more sunshine in.

What to do when your tree must be removed?

If you are looking for tree removal in Rocklin CA, consult Lyon’s Tree Service. A Tree Service should have a licensed Arborist on their staff and be knowledgeable about the trees in your area. They will be able to remove your tree.

After your tree is removed, the stump needs to be removed. There are several different methods to accomplish this task. Your Tree Service will help you decide which way is best for you. Most people like to have the stump ground down, and this does leave the roots behind. Depending on the size of the stump, there can be a lot of wood chips left behind, but you can use them for other landscaping projects. You can also dig out the stump and chop up the roots. If it is legal in your area, you can burn your stump. You can always use a chemical stump remover including Potassium Nitrate (saltpeter). 

Regardless of what you decide, try Lyon's Tree Service for tree removal in Rocklin, CA.


Tree Removal Rocklin Ca